The Policy of Privacy

The policy of managing cookies for BEYSTER sp. z o.o. sp. k.

The following Cookies Policy explains the technologies which have been used to collect data connected with the usage of websites, e-mail contacts and obtaining the access to information on the user devices via Cookies. Cookies are used for electronic services required by the user of BEYSTER sp. z o.o. sp. k.(formerly BEYSTER INTERNATIONAL sp. z o.o.). These technologies are used almost by each website and are placed on almost each e-mail contact sent via the Internet. They are known as 'Cookies'.

Cookies are small pieces of information that usually contain a unique indentification code. It can be sent to a web browser while visiting websites. They are stored in a memory of a device.

I. Definitions

Administrator - BEYSTER sp. z o.o. sp. k.(formerly BEYSTER INTERNATIONAL sp. z o.o.).

Cookies – small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer, or other device for accessing the internet, whenever you visit a website.

Private Cookies – cookies placed by the Administrator to offer Internet services.

Outer Cookies cookies placed by the partners of the Administrator via websites of the Service.

Service - Internet service used from domain oraz

Device - electronic device which is used by the User to access the Internet websites.

II. Types of Cookies

Cookies used by the Administrator do not cause any configuration changes in a device or a software installed on that device.

Administrator uses two types of Cookies:

1. 1. Session Cookies - they are stored in the device and stay safe until the end of a browser session. After ending a session the cookies are removed from the device. They do not cause downloading personal identity information of the User or other data from the device.

2. 2. Permanent Cookies - ther are stored on the device and stay there until they are removed by the User. Ending a browser session or switching off a device does not remove cookies.They do not cause downloading personal data of the User or information from the device.

III. Cookies are used for:

1. 1. The Administrator uses Outer Cookies for the following reasons:

a) keeping the session of the User of the service and remembering configuration while writing comments or making notes in the list of the guests on websites of the service: Agnat Sp. z o.o.

b) collecting general and anonimous statistic data using analitical devices: Google Analytics, Agnat Sp. z o.o. And WEBmedia – Adam Mossakowski

IV. Describing conditions of storing or obtaining access by Cookies

The User can limit or switch off the access of Cookies to their device at any time.The User can remove the cookies files using available functions in a browser. In case of choosing this option using the service or some of its functions might be impossible.

More information about cookies files is available at: or in the section „Help” in the menu of a browser.

Here is presented the way of changing configuration of Cookies in the most popular Internet browsers:
Mobile devices:

BEYSTER sp. z o.o. sp. k.(formerly BEYSTER INTERNATIONAL sp. z o.o.) reserves the right to make changes in the Policy of Privacy. The actual Policy of Privacy which can be found on   applies to all the users and clients of Beyster International Sp z o.o.