Fire starters

Bar-shaped fire starters
eco-shine The fire starter is made of porous fibreboard and can be soaked in paraffin or vegetable-based waxes. Fire starters soaked in vegetable-based waxes are labelled with the ECO-SHINE mark.
They are available in the following thicknesses: 7, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm and typically cut in 24 and 32 cubes. All the above fire starters are packaged in plastic wrap or in a box, or in plastic wrap and in a box. Fire starters that are 7 and 10 mm thick can be optionally packaged together with matches.
The following are the examples of our manufacturing capabilities in this scope:
Fire starters are packaged in cardboard boxes of various quality, which is reflected in their price. We use three types of commonly-named cardboard boxes:
Economy, Standard, Extra

Cubed fire starters
Cubed fire starters are available in all kinds of packagings and in any amounts. Typically they are packaged in tubes and bags

Fire starters made of 4 joined cubes (QUARTET)
They are sold in various types of packagings. They are typically packaged in tubes and included in the exclusive Family Fire line of fire starters..

Wood wool fire starters
The last year year's sales hit was a wood wool fire starter, also produced by the company. These are 5 cm-long sections soaked in paraffin and can be packaged according to the customer's wishes. 
These fire starters are offered as part of the Family Fire line under the name FIRE WOOL and are packaged in tubes.

Match-head fire starters
Match-head fire starters are manufactured in 4 types. Typically they are packaged in transparent plastic wrap and a box or a tube. The products packaged in tubes are a part of the Family Fire line.

Extra-strong fire starters/HELP FIRE
There is also demand on the market for fire starters with high unit weight, which are successfully sold under the name Supersilna (extra-strong) fire starter. A variant of this is fire starter is a Family Fire line fire starter named HELP FIRE

Liquid fire starters
The last type of fire starters is a liquid fire starter produced from two types of material. A paraffin-based liquid fire starter (a mixture of hydrocarbons) and the Eco Shine liquid fire starter (renewable plant materials) packaged in plastic bottles with a capacity of 1,000 and 500 ml

Disposable Barbecue
Art. no. 3328
Easy to install and use disposable grill with charcoal and fire starter. Just put it on fire, grill, and you become a chef – anywhere, anytime. Components: charcoal (about 600 grams), fire starter, rack, enclosure, wire legs. Gross weight of about 700 grams: Packaging: black jacket, multicoloured label, all shrink-wrapped. Product dimensions: approx. 31.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 5.5 cm. Size of collective packaging approx: 77 cm x 38 cm x 35 cm.
Art. no. 3328; EAN Code: 5905912653328; Collective box: 10 pcs.; Carton/Pallet: 40 pcs.

On-line catalog

On-line catalog


We try to break the tradition of using chemical-based fire starters that are dangerous to people and the environment. As a company with traditions, we still use the state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to be competitive.


This makes the Beyster products easy to use and functional, saving time of millions of people around the world and guaranteeing a successful barbecue and a quality leisure time spent by the fireplace.