For years the Company has been a manufacturer of the briquette for fireplaces: KOMINEKBLOK made from paraffin and sawdust.
The briquette is produced in various forms. A typical briquette weighing 1 kg, 1.1 kg, 1.2 kg or 1.3 kg can be packaged in paper with a custom graphic design or in gray paper with the customer's label. The distinction between these two forms of packaging is reflected in the price of the products.
As part of the exclusive Family Fire line we also manufacture fireplace blocks that produce crackling sounds of wood when burning and are wrapped in paper that imitates bark.

The company also produces briquettes made from sawdust only, packaged in brown paper and weighing about 400 grams

Fireplace wood
The company also offers hardwood for fireplaces. It is packaged in gauze-weave bags with capacity between 20 and 30 dm3, and logs 20-30 cm long.
The company adds one log of aspen wood to each bag, which serves as a natural chimney sweep. The company also offers fire-starter wood made from softwood and hardwood, with higher softwood content.

Fuel for ethanol fireplaces
Bioethanol is used as a fuel for fireplaces. It is offered in plastic bottles with a capacity of 1000 ml and 3000 ml.

On-line catalog

On-line catalog


We try to break the tradition of using chemical-based fire starters that are dangerous to people and the environment. As a company with traditions, we still use the state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to be competitive.


This makes the Beyster products easy to use and functional, saving time of millions of people around the world and guaranteeing a successful barbecue and a quality leisure time spent by the fireplace.