BEYSTER sp. z o.o. sp. k.

The origins of Beyster date back to the 70's and the town of Enschede in the Netherlands. An unemployed textile production engineer began manufacturing barbecue fire starters and selling it with the help of a friend who led a trading company in Amsterdam. In search for profits he had moved the company to Poland, where it was purchased. From then on the company has been rapidly growing. The company's founder had worked in the company in Poland until the end of his life.

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The STANDARD category are the products that are manufactured by the company with the use of traditional materials and packagings.

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The ELITE category are plant products that are 100% nature friendly. They are sold in larger packagings. You might find the Family Fire line of products particularly attractive – all having the same purpose but with different characteristics, and sold in the same packagings, with a global English name.

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The EGALITE category are the products that the manufacturer wishes to be used almost every day. The products are packaged individually and in a very cost-effective manner, while maintaining their function and quality. You might also find that some of the products have the "green heart" logo. Proceeds from selling these products are used to sponsor a foundation that carries out charitable efforts.

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We try to break the tradition of using chemical-based fire starters that are dangerous to people and the environment. As a company with traditions, we still use the state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to be competitive.


This makes the Beyster products easy to use and functional, saving time of millions of people around the world and guaranteeing a successful barbecue and a quality leisure time spent by the fireplace.